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Our cold rooms are sturdy and robust in structure. They are made up of thick foam impact panels that provide insulation to the structure.Moreover, they have flexible or swing doors that facilitate easy putting in or taking out of material. For the general purpose cold store, involving meats, vegetables and dairy products, it is common procedure to balance the unit cooler to the condensing unit at a 5.5 to 6.6°C (10 to 12°F) TD.

If this is done then from experience one can expect to maintain in a 1.7°C (35°F) room a 80 to 85% relative humidity which is a good range for general storage.

In a freezer room where the product is stored below 0°C (32°F) all moisture is in the form of ice or frost; the product is frozen solid and therefore a 5.5°C (10°F) TD is satisfactory for all products.


  • Employs latest technology

  • Easy to use and to clean

  • Standard aluminum hood and track

  • Removable galvanized steel

  • Negligible maintenance

Hinges Doors

Description : Vishal Cool hinged doors (LWS) are insulated, lightweight, steel faced for rugged cold storage and environmental applications.

Applications : Vishal Cool hinged doors are factory pre-hung on metal clad frames-ready for installation. Ideally suited for retrofit or new construction where hand truck or personel traffic require access to temperature controlled areas.These doors are excellent emergency exit doors from coolers and freezers when fitted with panic hardware.

Construction : Face Mounted Frame : Vertical casings and header are kiln dried lumber clad with 22 ga. steel.

Panel : Vishal Cool door panels are renown for their heavy duty construction with internal hardware reinforcements. Doors are filled with polyurethane insulation and clad with 22 Ga. G-90 galvanized steel, white painted with non-directional stucco embossed pattern. Finish paint to be Imperial white modified polyester with a dry film thickness of 1.0 mil inclusive of primer coat. All seams to be sealed.

Insulation : Doors are filled with environmentally friendly, non-CFC polyurethane insulation that provides outstanding strength and rigidity to the door as well as excellent thermal (R-7.8 / inch) and acoustical performance. The insulation is injected to fill the door without voids. Steel facings are chemically fused to the insulation to provide vapor tight construction.


  • Available with formed stainless steel panels

  • Standard aluminum hood and track

  • The door's smooth surface, with no seams or fasteners,
    allows for easy cleaning

  • Full perimeter seals with door guides

  • The windows are flush with the panel surface, have no fasteners
    and can be easily replaced, if needed

  • Adjustable speed allows for smooth, easy opening and closing

  • Specially designed, non-marking, grey door seals provide a tight seal
    and are easy to replace

Cold Storage

  • Compact, efficient design

  • Available in single-slide, center-parting, swinging, and sectional overhead models

  • Doors can be manually or power operated

  • Corrosion resistant construction

  • Freezer door panels have heater cables on all four edges, eliminating the need for a heated floor sill in most applications

Features :

  • Optional finishes include 22 or 24 gauge galvanized steel with or without stucco
    embossing and paint-Aluminum, FRP and stainless steel surfaces available

  • Heavy duty door heaters

  • Viewing windows

  • Inside casings

  • Meat rail provision

  • Full width panic bar

  • Cylinder locks

  • Door closer

Puff Panels  

The use of factory pre-fabricated insulated panels has helped to speed up the completion period and simplified the site work involved in the older, masonry shell-with-fieldapplied- insulation type of construction.

The PDF panels are formed by injecting polyol, isocyanide and a foaming gent between two metal sheets in a mould which is then held tight in a heated press for curing. The vertical edges of the panel are moulded in a tongue-and-groove fashion with a locking system, referred to as 'camlock', foamed in place along the panel edges,Maximum length of the panel depends on the length of the mould and press available with the manufacturer and is restricted to 6 metres with Indian companies at this time.

The continuous laminated panel consists of three layers of material bonded together with heat polymerising adhesive, so that they behave as one entity. The outer skins of the panel are normally pre-painted galvanized steel which bears most of the load of the panel. The thicker central core of polystyrene insulation material stabilizes the outer skins and prevents distortion under stress. Any length of panel can be supplied, as long as transport and handling at the site is not a limiting factor. Insulation thickness ranges from 80 to 300 mm of Polystyrene. Panels are joined together by a tight fitting sheet metal 'slip joint' with the insulation edges in tongue and groove fashion.

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