Vishal Cool India's Fin type Air cooling units are made of steel pipe with Aluminium fins, tightly pressed over the coils. The pipes are spray galvanised/hot dip glvanised. The casing of the coil is made from G.P. sheet. Two propeller type blowers are fitted at front of the unit for air circulation to increase the heat transfer. These units are more efficient, light in weight, have more air cooling capacity and require less space and save energy. Applicable for Potato / Fruits / Vegetable Cold Storage / Vanaspati Plants / Katha Plants / Milk Processing Units and are energy Efficient, Space Saving, Quick Cooling & Gas Saving Air Cooling Units are manufactured in different models with air flow ranging from 6000 CFM to 40000 CFM. These units are highly efficient, having finned coil, ceiling mounted as well as floor mounted type with negligible maintenance.