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GAS MASK RESPIRATION is ideal for protection against atmosphere contaminated with gases and vapours.

The Chemicals in canister, by assortion and absorption, remove the contamination from atmospheric air, thus purifying the same for safe breathing.

It is recommended for use in atmospheres that do not contain more than 2% by volume of polluting gases and vapours.


It consists of a full face mask made of soft moulded rubber designed to fit any facial contour comfortably and sungly. A light head harness, provided for quick donning and removal, makes the face mask airtight and leak prof. A wide vision transparent visor permits normal clear vision. Face mask has been provided with undirectional nonreturning inhalation and exhalation valves. A breathing tube connects the canister to the face mask. Inhalation valves permits breathing in only through the canister, Exhaled air passed to the surrounding atmosphere.


It contains apropriate chemicals for absorbing specific gas and vapours. The body is of ABS Plastic, Airlight stoppers and threaded necks provided at top and bottom ensure that no deteriortion of chemical is caused during storage. The canisters are colour coded and carry labels to indicate the type of protection given.

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